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Garlic Mushroom Puri

Mushroom cooked in garlic, butter and fresh cream and served with puri bread

Haas Ko Choyala

Very popular starter of west Nepal, Grilled diced duck seasoned with nepalese herbs, green chillies and mustard oil, served cold

Lamb / Chicken Tikka

Tender lamb/ chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and nepalese spices then cooked in clay oven

Malai Tikka

Boneless chicken breast marinated in ginger, garlic, malai, and soft cheese cooked in a clay oven.


A popular delicacy steamed lamb dumpling serverd with special chutney.

Nepalese Gurkha Meat Platter

Selection of meat samosa, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and seekh kebab.

Nepalese Gurkha Vegetarian Plater

Selection of vegetarian samosa, onion bhaji and yak roll

Onion Bhaji

Finely sliced onions mixed with gram flour, Nepalese special herbs and spices- deep fried

Pokahreli Haas

Pieces of duck breast marinated with ginger, garlic, yogurt and nepalese spices then barbecued in clay oven

Poleko Machha

Tender salmon spiced in exotic nepalese herbs then marinated and chargrilled


Triangle shaped savoury, choice of meat or veg, stuffed in thin crispy pastry, deep fried.


Succulent lamb pieces marinated in fennel seed sauce char-grilled & served with papers, tomato and onions